Sunday, April 4, 2010

30 Loving Years!!

Today (along with Easter) we are celebrating my parent's 30th anniversary!
My two sisters and I are so blessed to have been raised in such a happy and healthy home. Between mom's bubbly personality and daddy's dry sense of humor we have shared a tremendous amount of laughter over the years. As life continues on I am realizing that not all kids have had great, loving, caring, and supportive parents like mine. It 's been the 30 years of love and faith shared between my parents that makes us the family we are today. For that, I am truly thankful!

Happy 30th Anniversary!!!!!!!!


the red bungalow said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog...I may just have the confidence to start wearing that hat!

I adore this wedding picture...I'm a sucker for oldies but goodies. :)

Bre @

Charm Du Jour said...

I love your blog and the idea of a floppy hat! :)