Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's almost BLACK FRIDAY and everyone gets FREE shipping all around the world...Friday until Sunday!!

By the way have you always wondered where the term Black Friday comes from???

I have! I've always wondered where in the world they (whoever it was) thought of the name "Black Friday". To close out my curiosity, I did a little research. Don't ask why I'm doing research when I don't have to, but believe it or not I did.

We all know it's the Friday after Thanksgiving, the start of Christmas shopping, and the start of insane holiday trafffic! Even the Macy's Thanksgiving parade celebrates the beginning of the shopping season. My sisters and I grew up watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade EVERY SINGLE Thanksgiving morning...If you haven't noticed, guess who closes out the parade?? SANTA CLAUSE! Santa Clause ends the parade every year with the song "Here Comes Santa Clause". He symbolizes the start of the Christmas season. Watch this year and you'll notice!

Browsing around the internet I found out the term Black Friday wasn't made up just for this shopping day. It was actually first used with a financial crisis way back in 1869. That's kind of funny because I'm sure there's plenty of us who experience "financial crisis" after an entire day shopping from 3 a.m. until midnight!

Anywho the term has recently been used on the day after Thanksgiving, because retailers see a rare increase in sales which puts them "in the black" (if you're an accountant you should know what this means). For those of you who don't know, I found out it means recording losses in red and gains in black. So, the huge boost in sales puts the retailers in the black. THIS is how the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving gets its name.

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