Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have a Peaceful Season...

Kyle and I celebrated our engagement a couple weekends ago surrounded by wonderful family and friends. Each guest brought an ornament to help us decorate our Christmas tree every year. Everything about that night was perfect, especially the beautiful Christmas decor. By the way, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Notice my Etsy favorites ------>

No matter how much hustle and bustle we all experience during the holiday season, to me there is always something so peaceful about this time of year. The ornament my parents gave to me and Kyle had "Prince of Peace" written on it. It inspired this necklace...Peaceful Season.

I love that...the Prince of Peace. Every year we celebrate the birth of Jesus...Maybe that's why the Christmas holidays are full of peace, warmth, and joy. He is our Prince of Peace. It's only through Him we will find peace! What a great reminder to wear around your neck?


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