Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday = a "TO DO" list!

Today is the start to our 9 day Thanksgiving break! Coffee in my flannel PJs for 9 whole mornings, the Today show/ Hoda & KLG for 5 mornings...this is going to be amazing!  It's a break from the sweet little kiddos at school, but not from the things I need to catch up on from being at school all day. I love Thanksgiving holiday mostly because it means CHRISTMAS is next in line! As for my list of  "to dos"....I don't remember a thing if I don't write it down.

Thanksgiving Holiday TO DO:

1. Reflect on the many blessings in life that I am THANKFUL for!
2. Go by Mistletoe & Moss- I love to browse through all of the Christmas JOY!
3. Get my oil changed - I'm only 1,600 miles OVERDUE!
4. Take pics & List new items - I've got TONS of new holiday peices made!
5. Complete EDUC 642 final packet
6. Pick up wedding dress in Houston (Mon.) - My wedding dress came in 2 months earlier than expected!!!
7. Pack ornaments from our engagement party 
8. Work on EDUC 654 assignments
9. Wash my car - IT IS A MESS!
10. Take Charlie for walks
11. Submit observation hours for the semester
12. Work at Engleside house (our future home)- I finally get to help out some more!!!
13. Naughty or Nice Christmas party!  
14. Work on Christmas gift shopping
15. Dig up landscaping at Engleside
16. Pick out lights, kitchen knobs, etc...for house
17. Work on registry
18. last but not least...RELAX & SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS!

Thank you to the Pilgrims and Indians!

Enjoy ♥ your holiday!

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