Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gameday Earrings

I love football season! It not only means nice cool weather, but it also means CHRISTMAS is right around the corner!! I LOVE LOVE Christmas, but we will talk about that later. Christmas talk will take up an entire post alone! Anyway, in order to celebrate our favorite college football teams I posted some pictures of some great gameday earrings!!

GO TIGERS! These are made with purple glass flower beads and yellow czech glass gemstones.
Style #lsu004
Go Pokes! These were made with blue mother of pearl oval beads and yellow czech faceted beads. Style # msu002

That's another Cowboy FIRST DOWN! Style #msu001

Purple mother of pearl with yellow acrylic beads and a silver plated fluer de lis to add a little Louisiana flare!! Style# lsu001

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